Ariel Precision Medicine

601 Genome Way Northwest, Huntsville, Alabama 35806
601 Genome Way Northwest Huntsville Alabama 35806 US

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Jessica Gibson

ARIEL is an advanced diagnostics laboratory and bioinformatics services company providing genomics-based tests that aid in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of Complex Chronic Disease and Disorders. Our mechanistic diagnostic process approach is intended to enable informed intervention prior to the development of end-stage outcomes.

We believe that ARIEL’s technologies can lead a paradigm shift from single gene (Mendelian) genetics to multifaceted, complicated gene to gene interactions that interface with familial and environmental factors to provide a more comprehensive view of disease trajectory and precise therapeutic options. Our SMART-MD platform integrates the patient’s symptoms and genetics (derived through Next Generation Sequencing of more than 700 gene targets) with complex medical information that includes systems modeling, machine learning and other advanced reporting technology. The process tests one patient and his or her disease behavior against databases of well-mapped, complex disease patterns to help determine both the underlying causes of the disease and the optimal treatment plan.

While headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, ARIEL has an office within the Hudson/Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, a 152 acre campus located in Huntsville, Alabama that is shared by some of the world’s “genomics thought leaders”, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and inventive educators. We are leveraging their state-of-the-art Genomic Services Laboratory to develop and validate each of our tests prior to commercialization. The HudsonAlpha laboratories provide access to the most advanced scientific tools available in the field.