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4700-4702 Caldwell Mill Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35243
4700-4702 Caldwell Mill Road Birmingham Alabama 35243 US

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Troy Duell

A Centurion is known as a leader in the Roman Army but a Centurion was not just a leader that told others what to do, they led by example, from the front lines of the battle.  Centurion was born out of a vision to do things different.  Our tagline is indicative of our desire:  Leading to make life better. Our goal is to “make life better” for each person we come in contact with, whether it is a fellow employee, a physician, or a patient.  We believe the best leadership happens when we serve others. We look to serve our employees by giving them an opportunity to succeed and the freedom to do what they desire.  We look to serve prescribers through providing education and product options in areas of need. We look to serve our patients by providing high quality products they need with fewer side effects.  We look to serve our communities by partnering with local charities. These needs often begin in the lives of our fellow employees, the prescribers we interact with each day, as well as the patients that we serve.

We are looking to change the way things have always been done and continue our growth across the U.S. Headquartered in Birmingham, AL we currently have a sales force calling on Women’s Health practitioners, Urologists and Pediatricians.  If you are interested in licensing or co-promotion opportunities please contact us at bd@centurionlabs.com