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601 Genome Way Northwest, Huntsville, Alabama 35806
601 Genome Way Northwest Huntsville Alabama 35806 US

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Brian Pollock

Kailos Genetics, through its CLIA Services Laboratory, analyzes DNA for “genetic clues” associated with drug response, adverse response and diagnosis of disease. These clues enable physicians to proactively identify responders and non-responders to certain drug therapies, avoid serious adverse drug reactions that are genetically linked and diagnose inherited and non-inherited diseases. The CLIA Services Laboratory at Kailos Genetics provides drug metabolism/pharmacogenomic testing services for drugs and conditions commonly associated with or used to treat cardiac disease, mental health issues and pain syndromes. Kailos Genetics services all physician specialties and has business-to-business relationships to leverage its TargetRich technology in non-physician and research markets.