Proximity Bioscience

570 Devall Dr, Suite 303, Auburn, Alabama 36832
570 Devall Dr, Suite 303 Auburn Alabama 36832 US

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Joonyul Kim

Proximity Biosciences, LLC is based in Auburn, Alabama, USA. The company was founded in 2015, with core technology developed at Auburn University.

Aptamers are nascent or synthetic oligonucleotides with binding affinity and specificity toward targets such as proteins, cells, or even small molecules. They are regarded as promising alternatives or rivals to monoclonal antibodies in therapeutics, diagnostics, and imaging. Aptamers show several appealing qualities: ease of in vitro synthesis, flexible modification, broad target ranges, reusability, and high thermal/chemical stability. However, one prominent negative aspect of aptamers in practical use is the lack of aptamer pairs.

Our core technology addresses this deficiency by allowing selection of aptamer pairs from customers’ aptamer enriched pools. Selected probe pairs are then directly useful in various sandwich-based assay formats to detect a customer’s target protein with high specificity and sensitivity.