Volatile Analysis Corporation

28601 U.S. 431, Grant, Alabama 35747
28601 U.S. 431 Grant Alabama 35747 US

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Katherine Malmay-Bazemore

Volatile Analysis Corporation (VAC) is a privately held company that specializes in volatile chemical detection and measurement for medical and industrial purposes. The research group focuses on links between biomarkers and diagnosis of human and animal diseases, an area collectively known as volatile metabolomics. Scientists develop technologies to enhance successful volatile metabolite capture from various biological sources. Extraction technologies also have industrial applications. The analytical services group specializes in quantification of trace level and ultra-trace level (ng/g or parts per trillion and lower) chemicals responsible for odor and aroma. Sensory trained staff also review industrial processes and coordinate odor remediation efforts. Examples of industry served include: paper, packaging, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, textiles, manufacturing, automotive, apparel, and cosmetic.