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Item: HS 400™ Pro Hybridization Station from Tecan Trading AG

For price contact: Albert Toh ,, Phone:256-327-9452
Company: GeneCapture, Inc.

Product Description:
Automated single- and multi-segment microarray slide processing
The HS 4800 Pro and HS 400 Pro Hybridization Stations represent the very latest technology for performing automated reproducible microarray processing on single- and multi-segment slides. The systems are designed to integrate the microarray experiment process from pre-hybridization, bubble free hybridization with patented ABS™ up to on slide nitrogen drying with OSND™ meeting different experimental throughput needs. Liquid agitation during hybridization increases sensitivity, stringency and uniformity, and enables reduction of hybridization times. Comprehensive technology minimizes risk of hybridization artifacts, inter-slidesegment carry-over and enhances consistency of results.

HS Pro highlights are:

  • Convenient handling of slide, system and software
  • Single, Dual and QuadChamber™ options – easily interchangeable
  • No cross-contamination during processing of independent sub-arrays on slide
  • 3-in-1 integrated automation of hyb, wash and dry
  • Unique ABS (Active Bubble Suppression) system avoids bubble artefacts
  • OSND (on slide nitrogen drying) avoids external drying step and drying artefacts
  • Protection from ambient light and ozone
  • Capacity 1-4
  • Probe Volume: 55-130 µl

Item: Beckman BioMek NXp

Price: Negotiable – email with questions/offer

2.5 mL syringes for accurate dispensing

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