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Preventing autoimmune disease after a viral infection

André Ballesteros-Tato, Ph.D.

The key weapon against viruses and bacteria that invade the body is production of antibodies, which act like guided missiles to attack and neutralize pathogens. But as the body throws its effort into making ever-better antibodies during an infection, the random mutations that ...

USA Developing Next Gen Forensic Tools

The University of South Alabama will partner with multiple industries and universities to develop the next generation of forensic science tools for government agencies, nonprofits and private industry. The Industry University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) partnership received National Science Foundation (NSF) support to create a new Center ...
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UAH welcomes Kathryn E. Uhrich renowned chemist, professor and successful entrepreneur

Kathryn E. Uhrich, noted polymer chemist, successful entrepreneur and Dean of the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at The University of California, Riverside will be the guest speaker for the The University of Alabama in Huntsville's (UAH) Distinguished Speaker Series on Thursday, Sept. 28. Uhrich will give the public talk "Not Your Typical Aspirin," a ...
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A bioactive molecule may protect against congestive heart failure

Scientists have shown that by giving mice a form of the fatty acid-derived bioactive molecule called lipoxin, improved heart function after a heart attack, as the lipoxin prompted early activation of the resolving phase of the immune response without altering the acute phase. This suggests lipoxin may have ...

Auburn University professor secures an additional $5 million to increase diversity in STEM workforce

Auburn University’s Overtoun Jenda, assistant provost for Special Projects and Initiatives and professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, secured an additional $5 million from the National Science Foundation for a five-year project that aims to diversify the workforce in the Black Belt region of Alabama ...

Summer research program gives Honors students valuable hands-on experience

Junior biology major Shaylee Green, who spent the summer working with UAH’s Natural Products Research Group under the direction of Dr. Debra Moriarity, was one of nine Honors students selected to participate in the inaugural Honors Capstone Research program.

Regardless of how many classes a ...
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HudsonAlpha developing genetics-based ovarian cancer treatments

Cancer cells

September is ovarian cancer awareness month
Annually, more than 20,000 women are ...
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Key factor identified in gene silencing

Hengbin Wang, Ph.D.

A fertilized human egg develops into multiple tissues, organs and about 200 distinct cell types. Each cell type has the same genes, but they are expressed differently during development and in mature cells. Understanding the mechanisms that turn sets of genes on or ...

State launches serious infectious disease network

UAB medical personnel frequently conduct drills for a serious infectious disease outbreak.

In response to several national disease outbreaks, the Alabama Department of Public Health is launching a serious infectious disease network. The network will help identify and appropriately route patients for treatment if an outbreak ...
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Treating the Whole Person Focus of $1 Million Grant

The outside of UA’s Capstone College of Nursing is shown.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala.  — Two University of Alabama researchers are hoping to improve both the mental and physical health of the people in Walker County, thanks to an almost $1 million grant. Drs. Monika Wedgeworth and Joshua ...