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Technology Transfer Offices In Alabama

Alabama’s Colleges and Universities are world class research institutions each with its own unique focus. These institutions are creating significant advances with biotechnology and medical applications almost on a daily basis. To find out more about the ongoing research and new technologies at each institution visit their technology transfer office webpages or contact BioAlabama and we can help make connections for you.

Investment Organizations Throughout Alabama

Alabama has a significant number of organizations that have been created to invest in the development of biotechnology based companies. Each has investment is unique in thier investment strategies and technologies in which they invest. Have a look to see which one is right for you.

Alabama Chambers of Commerce

Here is a select list of Chambers of Commerce throughout the State of Alabama.

Alabama Taxes and Tax Incentives

Joseph Burchfield with the Alabama Department of Commerce presented an overview of the newly passed state economic incentive package, the Alabama Jobs Act, at the August 2015 Board Meeting.  The Alabama Jobs Act contains two main components: (1) a jobs credit with an annual cash refund up to 3 percent of the previous year’s gross payroll ...

How To Beat A Patent Troll

Intelligent and cleaver TED video from the founder of We thought that this would be relevant for biotech leaders that continue to suffer through patent law changes and issues.