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Acclinate Empowers Black Maternal Health with AI-Powered Cultural Understanding

30 Apr 2024 1:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


Acclinate Empowers Black Maternal Health with AI-Powered Cultural Understanding

Birmingham, AL – April 24, 2024 – Acclinate, a pioneer in health equity through technology and community engagement, has partnered with Quilt.AI, a company at the forefront of employing artificial intelligence (AI) to understand and interpret internet data at scale to intensify its Black maternal health initiatives. With Black women in the United States facing a maternal mortality rate three times higher than that of white women, Acclinate's efforts are more crucial than ever.

Over the past year, Acclinate’s NOWINCLUDED community platform has engaged directly with Black mothers, gathering invaluable insights through the Mommy Listening Tour, a campaign focused on better understanding the health perspectives of Black moms. The tour, which utilized digital and in-person efforts, revealed that 75% of Black mothers trust OBGYNs for reliable health information, and over 51% are willing to travel up to 10 miles for quality maternal care. These findings stress the need for accessible and culturally responsive healthcare solutions.

The NOWINCLUDED team also recently had the opportunity to hear directly from Black mothers at the Black Maternal Health Expo at Babypalooza, further enriching the company's understanding of their experiences and needs. This face-to-face engagement has been instrumental in shaping our ongoing initiatives.

To amplify these efforts, Acclinate is leveraging additional findings from Quilt.AI's advanced AI platform, which has been dissecting online conversations about Black maternal health, producing a comprehensive report. The report confirms that a significant 75% of online discussions highlight a pressing need for better support systems for Black mothers, while another 63% underscore a demand for more culturally competent healthcare providers. Additional insights indicate a substantial conversation around the need for mental health support, with many Black mothers expressing a lack of accessible resources to manage postpartum depression.

Tiffany Whitlow, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at Acclinate, remarks, "Leveraging these insights allows us to tailor our initiatives more effectively, ensuring we address the nuanced challenges Black mothers face in healthcare. Our Mommy Listening Tour and most recent listening experiences at the Black Maternal Health Expo have been invaluable, offering direct feedback from our community so we can work together to advocate for better maternal health outcomes. "

Anurag Banerjee, co-founder and chief executive officer of Quilt.AI adds, "We're extremely excited to partner with Acclinate and contribute our AI tools to uncover meaningful health insight to support Acclinate's mission and help drive positive impact and better serve Black women in the community."

As Acclinate continues its efforts, the organization is poised to introduce innovative solutions and solidify its commitment to improving maternal health outcomes for Black women, ensuring that their voices are heard and their health is prioritized.

About Acclinate:

Acclinate, a digital health startup dedicated to improving health equity, specializes in predictive analytics technology and community engagement. Focused on accessing and engaging communities of color, Acclinate empowers informed health decisions and promotes clinical trial participation. Learn more at

About Quilt.AI:

Quilt.AI is a technology company that aims to bridge the gap between data and culture, using AI to uncover human insights from vast amounts of digital information. With a commitment to ethical data usage, Quilt.AI serves a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 100 companies to nonprofits, helping them understand the cultural contexts behind data. Quilt.AI has been called a “AI for Good” company by the Economist. Learn more at

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